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Classes are offered in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop. Pre-School aged students are given a one-hour combination class which includes Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling. Students age 5-7 are given a one-hour class in either Ballet or a Tap/Jazz combination class. Older students (age 8 to adult) are given one-hour classes in either Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern or Hip Hop. More advanced Ballet students are given a one and a half hour class that includes Pointe work.


All classes are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Placement and Attendance

Placement of students is made according to training, age, ability, and effort. This guarantees the steady progress of each class. Promotion is considered on the basis of individual achievement. Classes are not necessarily promoted as groups. Ballet students are not put on pointe shoes unless they are at least 10 years of age and have had at least three years of Ballet training.



Good attendance is essential to insure a student's steady progress. Students are required to make up missed classes. Which classes are acceptable for make-ups is at the discretion of the instructor. Students will not be allowed to perform in the June Recital if they miss 3 or more classes between January 1st and the recital date. Attendance at dress rehearsal is mandatory. Students missing 3 or more lessons between Sept. and Dec. will be dropped a level. Students missing 6 or more classes during the year will not be promoted to the next level.


Classes start promptly, so please be prepared to start on time.


All students are expected to respect and willingly abide by all studio regulations on dress and procedure and to conduct themselves in a courteous manner in the studio and in all studio connected activities. Parents will be notified of any disciplinary problems. Gum, food, and drinks are not allowed anywhere in the studio. Children who are not taking classes should be supervised at all times by their parents when playing in or outside of the studio.

Observing Class

Your interest and encouragement are very important to your child and we welcome it. Please find time to observe your child. Students and teachers require a quiet respectful atmosphere in which to learn and teach, please remain quiet in the waiting room.

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